July 23, 2008

The past few weeks have been rather eventful on sooo many levels! But first… let me just say I got my first Chanel 2.55! I want to get it cleaned though, and have the leather repaired. I am contemplating switching the silver hardware for the gold… but maybe I’ll leave it for now. It’s a classic flap šŸ™‚ I am tres happy.

The past few weeks have been filled with lazy days, busy days, fun days… haha. That sorta thing. Been going for Mambo quite a bit although I’ve laid off it for two weeks now. Been catching with friends over drinks; just last week I met up with Stevo and Andre for drinks at Indochine where a very clever Steven lost his cardholder haha. I’ve been out with my lovely girls who came back from Melbourne… eating, shopping, clubbing, playing guitar heroes (hehe!) and hanging out at Cafe del Mar. Looking forward to next week’s East Coast outing where we’re gonna have CRAB NIGHT @ Long Beach anddd I hope to go prawning and we’re gonna take Gdine’s and Sam’s cameras out for a spin! Think crazy snaps – DSLR, Polaroid, Holga, Fisheye! I love photography ā¤

Last weekend I checked out the Notts pre-departure seminar. I met some people (potential classmates! woohoo!) and spoke to a couple of seniors. I am now quite keen on going to Notts because I do like the whole feel of a campus uni because it means more culture. And I am all for uni culture and I love the system of halls! I love the fact that there is room for a sort of collegiate experience. It is something I’ve always wanted out of a uni. Quality/prospects wise Notts and Bristol are kind of in the same league for law. There are people in the Magic Circle firms, in the judiciary… and definitely people in Goldman Sachs (woohoo!). Back home here there’s A&G which loves Notts grads so it’s really awesomeness! The crowd at Notts look a bit more chill and look like my kinda people. Also helps that I know people there already šŸ™‚ I am thinking about even asking Bristol to release me for Notts! I’ve got my unconditional from them now anyway soooo… teehee!

I am so glad to be home. It’s been so nice to sleep in every other day, go out on some adventure.. like Val and i did yesterday! We decided to seek out the Red Cross place at Opera Estate and go thrifting. It wasn’t the easiest to find but we did get there soon enough! We ended up running into Ivan’s mum hahaha. Who gave us a lift out of the estate when she left to pick him up from work. Thanks aunty Lisa šŸ™‚ Then we went to Ikea and tried looking all these homely stuff. Bleah

I hope my mail comes today. If it does, I’m going out with DG pub crawling tonight teehee. And fix my chanel. Anddd go shopping with him for his girlfriend!

62 days till Notts! Woohoo! (i know it’s a bit weird because i used to be so keen on Bristol; but what really swayed it for me was the fact that there are plenty of city firms taking Notts grads. and i did more research and then i found more people and i realised… i still love bristol. it’s such a beautiful city and i’d be more than happy to go as well; but putting them side by side i still would rather rough it out a little and have the nice campus live and experience collegiativity! i’d really like that. and notts allows you to focus more too. and the city is hot for shopping & clubs! what more could i ask for? plus a good lot of students who are gunning for the same quality education around me? Notts ftw!)


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