Happy Father’s Day!

June 15, 2008

Today was almost like any other usual Sunday, although it was a tad different and made more special because Karin came to YM today 🙂 Glad she came! Patty did the sharing today on the Beatitudes… i guess i really need to learn how to find my place in God and rely on Him more. i’ve let quite a lot of things mask this important aspect of life with a cloud.. and sometimes its really nice to have a gentle reminder to give us a tug or a nudge to inch closer towards the narrow but straight path!

Since it was Father’s Day, and since i’ve been away for a rather lengthy time we decided to spend some time together as a family and watch a movie together 😛 i think my dad was keen on M. Night Shyamalan’s The Happening but when he was reminded that said director was also responsibile for Signs which my father found rather disappointing, we settled for Kungfu Panda! Haiyaaah! haha. i loved it actually… although i was kind of amused/disgusted to find the similarities between Po’s (the Panda) appetite and mine in the scene where he was fighting with his master for the dumpling :/ Ahem.

Speaking of voracious appetites… I think mine just cost me kind of heavily 😦 Yet another intestinal infection! i hope it goes away, i really don’t want to relive my memories of going to the hospital in the middle of the night again.. blah.

Wonder what activities the coming week will bring.. one thing is for sure though, Lulu will be back on Saturday 😀 And i also hope that plans to cycle at the beach will materialise! i miss cycling so much! Definitely going to the gym, almost definitely going for a swim… My hands are actually itching to do some sketching… or craft! actually i don’t mind doing some painting but i’m sure as i get my canvas it will be sitting in a corner and i will be mulling day and night with hardly any inspiration on what to paint. plus i don’t know where my acrylics/oils have gone to and i might have given them away along with my collection of paintbrushes… and it’d be silly to go out and buy a whole new set of art supplies! hmm..?

OMG, my stomach is driving me insane with pain… ergh ok i think i’m gonna get some rest.

And of course i didn’t forget to say… a happy father’s day to my dad, who i am pretty sure will not read this… but nevertheless, i appreciate him for all the sacrifices he’s made, i respect him for the life he built not only for himself but for his family. For me, he is the example of a truly enterprising, hardworking and principled man. My dad is far from perfect and as a daughter there are many times i complain about his disciplinarian methods and his rather typical Asian form of parenting, but at the core of it all i know most – if not all – parents are the same: they all love their children as best as they possibly can and know how to do; the mistakes they make are inevitable but then again they are also undeniably, imperfectly human!